How To: Blog Design

When I started blogging, I used to visit about 50 blogs a day. I was using a generic Blogger template and I found about 15 other blogs using the same template as me. I also found about 25 blogs that looked so good they made me keep coming back just so I could see how fabulous they were.

I wanted to have a unique and attractive blog but I couldn't afford it. There was only one option left for me: I had to learn How to Blog Design!

After months of trial and error, I fell in love with blog design and launched my blog design website. Now, I am sharing with you the knowledge that I have acquired by launching my latest site, How To Blog Design.

How To Blog Design is a site filled with resources and tips on how to customize your Blogger blog and make it fabulous!

So dive in! 

But remember to always download your blog template before you make any changes!


  1. How cool that you are sharing all this helpful info.! Thank you!!!

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  5. Great blog, I just purchased a whole new blog makeover because I got SO frustrated trying to figure it out on my own. That is so cool of you to post these tips for us.

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